Harnessing the Collective Intelligence

Technology has developed dramatically since the  turn of the century and many new opportunities have arisen. Many have found themselves shopping, eating or even hiring a trade and are in need of a way to find a reliable yet reputable business. Well with the up-rise of technology and this demand growing higher a solution was brought forward, Yelp. This service allows users to quickly add reviews for almost any type of retail business allowing other users to quickly gauge what they should expect from their experience.

A user can register both online or on their smartphone/device and within minutes be posting review though anyone is more than welcome to surf content that is listed on Yelp. Though Yelp takes this service further with the ability to easily post photos or even a star rating of the business place or whilst they are there. This information expands on just the reviews and adds any easy way for the business owner to quickly collect photos from customers. Once a review has been posted other users can mark if the comment was, “Useful”, “Funny” or “Cool”. Once a user receives a commandment their profile is then updated to reflect this. Doing this helps other user’s distinguish if you are likely to rate badly, if you are quite new or a reputable source.

Though the benefits do not all stop at just the user. Businesses who are successful will receive credit for their hard work thus bringing many others who many not even know about them. However the opposite is more than possible, if customer’s have a disappointing experience their review tarnishes their Yelp page for everyone to see. A collective community like this can easily make or break a company and quickly show how what reviews are like from real experiences with real reviews.

In the end Yelp is a resource that is made to help others find the best for them. It offers a simple solution to an age old issue. With other’s who have experienced the business first hand it gives other retailers a major upper hand.






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