OneDrive as a Software above the Level of a Single Device

The boom in online applications has been enormous since the turn of the century. Many companies that once did not exists have risen to the top in their categories and even many new technologies have risen. One of these areas of interest is cloud computing and today in this post the main focus will be an application that is primarily targeted as SaaS (Software as a Service).

OneDrive, formally known as Skydrive is a multi-platform cloud based service run by Microsoft which allows users to upload files and documents to an online “repository” for storage and backup. A basic user account is allowed 15GB of storage space in a secure cloud solution. A user can opt to pay extra and receive anywhere from 100GB, 200GB or 1TB of storage. The data that is uploaded to the user’s OneDrive account can be accessed anywhere in the world from a web browser or via Microsoft’s OneDrive iOS and Android application. As well as this Microsoft have integrated OneDrive into both Office 365 and Windows 8/8.1.

With the integration of Office 365 and OneDrive, Microsoft have adapted to allow online versions of the Office Suite to be run from within a web browser. When a file that the Office Suite supports is uploaded to OneDrive a user can quickly edit the file using a cut-down version of Office. This means that users can easily edit, access and upload files to their OneDrive account from any device assuming they have an active internet connection. As well as this any user who has an active Office 365 Subscription is also given 1TB of online storage.

Microsoft have also opened a Partner App’s section on their website allowing companies who offer integration with OneDrive’s services to showcase them. This allows users to find alternatives that support OneDrive and instead of saving locally whilst working with these applications can have their data synchronized to their account.

OneDrive brings simplicity to the online storage space. With simple features like allowing easy access to files, securely backup and even share files, folders and collaborate on documents with only a few clicks of a mouse or taps on a screen. Microsoft have also taken this technology a step further allowing a user to quickly and easily recover deleted files and easily restore these to their account.

With solutions like OneDrive in the market and the offering of large and possibly over excessive data allowances there is more pros than cons. Microsoft have adapted a solution that allows almost any user to easily convert to a cloud based solution allowing easily access to their data anywhere in the world and simply forget about ever losing a file again.


2 thoughts on “OneDrive as a Software above the Level of a Single Device

  1. So great to see all this love for Microsoft’s products! Even though most people have such a negative opinion of them, Microsoft is leagues ahead of Apple when it comes to its cloud integration and online tools. OneDrive is an excellent cloud storage tool, and this is a really great post!

    Thanks for posting!


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